WebSnitch 3

Ever need to keep tabs on your child, spouse, or business partner...

Ever need to keep tabs on your child, spouse, or business partner while they are using the computer? Introducing the WebSnitch the most powerful monitoring and surveillance software today!

Here are a few reasons to own this software:To get the passwords of anyone using your computer. To read the chat messages of anyone using your computer.

Control the websites your kids can visit, without worrying about them viewing inappropriate information. To log all activity on your computer.

See what websites are being visited while they are on your computer. All this and more can be done with the WebSnitch. And much, much, more! Protect your personal interests.

Think that your spouse might be cheating on you? WebSnitch will tell you for certain. You will be able to read what was typed on your computer during a chat session as well as every Website they visits when using your computer.

Our monitoring software allows you to keep an eye on both sides of chat conversations from your spouse, or anyone else on your computer and shows you the titles of all websites, chat rooms, and message boards they visit!

Do you suspect your spouse of cyber-cheating on you in chat rooms? Our monitoring software will allow you to view chat conversation between your spouse and anyone else, all without anyone knowing that you are monitoring their use.

Protect your family. People who want to check and see that their young children aren't circumventing parental controls and going for porn sites.

The system saves every keystroke in each individual application. So you know if www. gimmesomeporn. com was a Web site visited, or whether it was within an e-mail sent out by the youngster.

Or you can take full control and load a list of approved sites into the WebSnitch, and the WebSnitch will only allow those sites to be visited.

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WebSnitch 3